Scenes from Speed Camp

Soccer athlete Topher Huang and dad, Jeff,
Claremont, CA
take father son trip to Tennessee
for speed technique training

Katy Hoover signs with large D-1 University in MS




Michael and Alexander Mingus, soccer athletes from Athens Al with parents, Tim and Cynthia Mingus take weekend road trip for speed technique trainig.
Ryan Taylor LB and dad, Doug Taylor fly in from Denver for father son weekend
of speed and fast-fiber strength training

Luke Thompson, Denver, with parents Joanne and Michael Thompson.
David Doud, soccer, swimming, track with dad,
Dr. Richard Doud, former college soccer athlete, Marshall, Michigan









Soccer athletes John and Frances Sadler, with parents,
John and Fran Sadler, and sister, Eriot. Columbia, SC

Powell High School Ladies Soccer, Speed Camp the week prior to season beginnning
Soccer Camp











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